The 3 owners of Farmland Investment have years of experience regarding the agricultural sector, specifically including real estate, legal and fiscal business and  business economics.

Farmland Investment is property of Remie Fiscaal Juridisch Adviesbureau, ZLTO and Land van Thorn. These three companies have their roots in agriculture. Because of the cooperation of these three companies, you are insured of thorough and expert advice.

Remie Fiscaal Juridisch Adviesbureau (Remie FJA) advises you with fiscal and legal matters. A team of 20 lawyers and special competence combined with years of experience promise the solution to the most complicated fiscal and legal issues. Henny Bot and Arjan Schouten, two members of the board of Remie FJA, are connected to Farmland Investment through Remie FJA.

ZLTO is an organistaion in the south of the Netherlands and has been active in the agricultural sector for over 100 years. The company protects the interests of it’s members and advises them about matters regarding business and economics, regional planning and environmental issues and real estate affairs. An organisation made up of over 200 people knowing all about the ins and outs of agriculture. On behalf of ZLTO, Marcel de Rooij, manager ZLTO real estate, is bound to Farmland Investment as co-director.

H. Breukers, on  behalf of Land van Thorn, is the head of Farmland Investment and responsible for the daily state of affairs. He is the face of Farmland Investment and the point of contact with questions. With over 25 years of experience in agricultural business advice and real estate, he is the person who will be able to advise and supervise you at first hand.

Farmland Investment operates both inside the Netherlands and outside of it. The expert advice of mentioned companies gives you sufficient support with investing. Aside from the technical advice to invest outside of the Netherlands, we will also point out the advantages and disadvantages of investing in foreign countries where points such as the political situation, the abiltiy to do business and the presence of an agricultural infrastructure will be discussed.