Business and Farmland

Why invest into agriculture?

A righteous question, agriculture hasn’t been the most profitable sector in the past decades. Nevertheless, we wouldnt want to withhold several facts which emphasize how strong and alive the agricultural sector is.

  1. Investing in farmland is a better investment than  investing in the stockmarket. During the last 30 years, farmland has become a very stable factor. Land prices have gradually but steadily increased and are hardly dependent on wealth. In the last 10 years, farmland has been a much better investment than the purchase of shares. View the reports on this subject by Hardman&Co (www.hardmanco.com).
  2. Investing in agriculture means investing in a branch with a future. The demand for land and the earth’s resources are on the rise. Estimates vary slightly about this rising demand but it’s evident that the prices of will increase with dozens of percentages.
  3. Land is a safe production factor. Land isn’t written off, and it’s value will rise due to the fact that it’s a scarse product. With good maintenance and management, one can count on a good return annually.
  4. Land is a matter of life and death to agriculture. Without ground, there is no production. Due  to the rising demand for our earth’s resources, the demand for land will rise as well. All around the world a lot of trade is already going down in ground.

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